A Personal Word

“A spiritual masterpiece; this book will strengthen your faith.”

Dr. Lee Roberson (1909-2007)
Founder and President
Tennessee Temple University
Chattanooga, Tennessee


“God has raised up some godly men in these last days to shine the light of truth upon the spiritual darkness. Dr. Doug Stauffer is one of these men for such a time as this. …I expect to use One Book Stands Alone as a textbook in Midwestern Baptist College and Midwestern Baptist Bible Seminary.”

Dr. Tom Malone, Sr. (1915-2007)
Founder and President
Midwestern Baptist College
Orion, Michigan



“One Book Stands Alone is a unique and insightful addition to the growing array of polemics in defense of the A.V. 1611. Sincere Christians will profit from Dr. Stauffer’s spiritual disquisition.”

Dr. William P. Grady
Pastor, Macedonia Baptist Church
Swartz Creek, Michigan



“Dr.  Stauffer has written a thorough, nearly exhaustive, book on the issue of the King James Bible. Those who love and believe in the KJB as the preserved word of God will be encouraged, instructed, and edified by his work.”

Dr. R.B. Ouellette
Pastor, First Baptist Church
Bridgeport, Michigan



“In a day when the integrity of God’s word has been constantly questioned, it is refreshing to read an author who firmly defends the integrity of scripture and shows the harm that comes when we abandon our biblical heritage for translations that weaken our doctrine and faith.”

Dr. Jack Trieber
Pastor, North Valley Baptist Church
President, Golden State Baptist College
Santa Clara, California



“One Book Stands Alone is a rare find. It clearly demonstrates the superiority of the King James Bible with simplicity, clarity, and conviction. At long last, Bible believers have a book that we can give to our loved ones that communicates the truth minus the negativity sometimes associated with the Bible issue. Thank you brother Stauffer!”

Dr. Andrew Ray
Pastor, Antioch Baptist Church
President, Learn the Bible University
Knoxville, Tennessee



“Dr. Stauffer’s book is a noteworthy entry into the KJB debate. It addresses the common arguments with a fresh approach and adds some new information that must not be ignored. This book should be read by every advocate of the KJB position. Anyone serious about knowing the main arguments cannot avoid this document. Every pastor, teacher, student, Sunday school teacher, et al. should have this volume in their possession.”

Dr. Jerry Rockwell
Vice President
Sword of the Lord Publishers



“One Book Stands Alone is well done and on point for the present struggle over God’s Word. May God bless and enlighten many good brethren through this book.”   

Dr. Mickey Carter
Pastor, Landmark Baptist Church
President, Landmark Baptist College
Haines City, Florida



“One Book Stands Alone is rich in principle, fresh in content, and extremely well-written. Dr. Stauffer is to be commended for his diligent research and meticulous preparation of the material.”

Dr. Dennis Corle, Editor
Revival Fires! Newspaper
Claysburg, Pennsylvania



“Dr. Stauffer’s new book reveals the insidious effort of the enemy of souls in his fiendish attempt to stamp out the Word of God. It should convince the skeptic and will be invaluable help to the earnest seeker of truth who is perplexed about all of the so-called bibles on the market today!”

Dr. Hugh Pyle (1918-2010)
Panama City, Florida



“OUTSTANDING! Congratulations on a wonderful work that will be of inestimable help to many believers.

Dr. Dennis Spackman (1930-2007)
Auckland, New Zealand



“I have known Dr. Stauffer since 1984. He was a faithful, dependable, godly member of Victory Baptist Church and a previous member of my staff until relocating to Knoxville. I highly recommend all those in search of truth to read this great book.”

Pastor Steve Sanders
Victory Baptist Church
Millbrook, Alabama



“I consider your book heaven sent because it is just the book I longed for. I am certain that it is God’s will that I warn others of the deception of the modern versions. Unless the Church gets this straight, gets this right, then there is no hope for the world. I must warn others as the Lord leads me.”

Mrs. Janet Teem
Franklin, North Carolina