The world has never seen a greater attack on the true word of God than the concentrated attack we witness today. The multitude of so-called bible versions has caused many Christians, pastors, churches, colleges, and seminaries to depart from the truth. Thankfully, God has raised up some godly men in these last days to shine the light of truth upon the spiritual darkness. Dr. Doug Stauffer is one of these men for such a time as this.

One Book Stands Alone encourages believers to stand by the one and only inspired book of God, the King James Bible. To prove there is only one Bible is a gigantic victory for the true Bible believers. Dr. Stauffer clearly repudiates the modern versions whose main purpose seems to be to deceive and divide. This book attests to the fact that the Bible is what God has said through inspiration, and not a book or version produced by man.

The acceptance of the corrupt versions by many seminaries and colleges has had detrimental effects on Christianity. The modern versions attack many important doctrines in God’s word. The author deals with these spurious and corrupt versions by clearly proving that Westcott and Hort greatly influenced all of them. Dr. Stauffer, in a scholarly and biblical fashion, provides an answer for those who tamper with the word of God.

One Book Stands Alone shows how the departure from the Masoretic Text and the Textus Receptus has demonstrably caused confusion and heresies. The results have been far reaching. Many Christians have even begun to accept the degenerate lifestyles of those condemned by the scriptures. For instance, the word of God clearly condemns homosexuality and sodomy; however, the changes made in the modern versions have obscured God’s condemnation.

The chapter entitled “Bible Roots” is worth more than words can express. The author clearly reveals how we can know that our King James Bible is the pure, preserved word of God for the English-speaking people.

Thankfully, my mother placed a King James Bible in my hands in August of 1935. I have never known anything else in my 72 years of preaching. I expect to use One Book Stands Alone as a textbook in Midwestern Baptist College and Midwestern Baptist Bible Seminary.

Dr. Tom Malone, Sr. (1915-2007)
Founder and President
Midwestern Baptist College



tom-maloneDr. Tom Malone, Sr. was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised in Russellville, Alabama. At age 19, he was saved and immediately surrendered to preach. He left Alabama to attend Bob Jones College in Cleveland, Tennessee.

In 1942, he founded Emmanuel Baptist Church and Midwestern Baptist College nine years later. He pastored Emmanuel for over 50 years, as the church grew to over 4,000 members. He served as pastor emeritus of Emmanuel and president of Midwestern Baptist College and Seminary until his death in 2007.

Dr. Malone holds many degrees of higher education including doctorates from Bob Jones University, Dallas Theological Seminary, the University of Detroit, and Wayne State University.

Dr. Malone was married to Joyce Malone for 68 years. He has often been called “the preacher’s preacher” and the “greatest pulpiteer of our generation.”