Anger—found 267 times in 257 Old Testament verses and twelve times in twelve New Testament verses
Variations: anger, angered, angry
Last usage in the Old Testament: Zechariah 10:3 (anger)
First usage in the New Testament: Matthew 5:22 (angry)
Interesting fact: On six occasions, the Bible states that our God is “slow to anger” (Nehemiah 9:17; Psalm 103:8; Psalm 145:8; Joel 2:13; Jonah 4:2; Nahum 1:3). The fact that God’s nature is such, any man desiring to live for and please the Lord should seek to emulate that characteristic (Proverbs 14:17; Proverbs 15:18; Proverbs 16:32). In fact, being slow to anger is listed as one of the qualifications of a bishop (Titus 1:7). The truth is that if you are going to be a representative for your God, you must be “slow to anger.”
Bible study tip: The Bible does not always take the time to emphasize the importance and sheer necessity for the Bible student to pay attention to context. Instead, it is the Bible student’s responsibility. Confusion and conflict usually follow when someone fails to pay special attention to the context of any given passage. For example, consider Proverbs 26:4-5. The first verse says, “Answer not a fool according to his folly,” while the second verse says, “Answer a fool according to his folly.” If the verses did not appear side by side, it might be easier to simply ignore the supposed contradictory statements. The reality is that the Bible student must consider the context of life. One life situation may require a fool to be given an answer according to his folly while another situation may require him not to be answered that way. Similarly, yet in a somewhat different manner, the Bible speaks of both righteous and unrighteous anger without differentiating between the two by incorporating adjectives.
Sunday, Day 22—Church Day (no devotional)
Monday, Day 23—Cease from Anger, and Forsake Wrath
Tuesday, Day 24—Be Not Friends with an Angry Man
Wednesday, Day 25—Church Night (no devotional)
Thursday, Day 26—Anger Stirreth Strife
Friday, Day 27—Anger Demands a Cause
Saturday, Day 28—A Call for Anger
Day 22: Church Day
Proverbs 16:32 He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.