Frugal—The word “frugal” is not found in the scripture though the principle is found throughout.

Defined: economical or thrifty; the opposite of wastefulness

Interesting fact: Frugal living requires character. It does not matter whether someone has great wealth or very little, he can live frugally. Men often claim that if they simply had more possessions, they could and would live frugally; however, the failure to live frugally will often lead to a loss of one’s present possessions (Luke 19:26).

Bible study tip: Bible study generally begins with questions and should be focused on allowing the word of God to provide the biblical answers. It is important to ask the right questions in order to yield the right answers. Take time before the onset of study to write out any questions you may have. Even as your study progresses, record new questions generated. Never force an answer, but always allow the Bible to answer the questions you have. It is imperative that you not allow your answers to exceed what the Bible specifically dictates. It is sometimes the wisest move to end a Bible study as you began – with the answer remaining as, “I do not know.”

Sunday, Day 120—Church Day (no devotional)

Monday, Day 121The Sin of Wasteful Living

Tuesday, Day 122—The Steward’s Accountability

Wednesday, Day 123—Church Night (no devotional)

Thursday, Day 124—A Foolish Man Spends His Treasures

Friday, Day 125—Strong Men Retain  Their Riches

Saturday, Day 126—Precious Is the Substance of a Diligent Man

Day 120: Church Day

John 6:12 When they were filled, he said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.