Jealousy—found forty-nine times in thirty-nine Old Testament verses and only five times in four New Testament verses

Variations: jealous, jealousies, jealousy

Last usage in the Old Testament: Zechariah 8:2 (jealous, jealousy, jealous)

First usage in the New Testament: Romans 10:19 (jealousy)

Interesting fact: The various forms of the word jealous only appear in the New Testament five times. However, one Old Testament verse (Numbers 5:14) contains four variations and that particular chapter (five) contains ten uses. This chapter could truly be identified as “the law of jealousies” chapter.

Bible study tip: The Bible often incorporates various phrases to convey similar concepts and truths. The difference in wording does not mean that the addressed subject differs. The context always dictates the meaning. For example, the Bible describes death as: (1) “he died” (Genesis 5:5); (2) “gave up the ghost” (Genesis 25:8); (3) “her soul was in departing” (Genesis 35:18); (4) “going the way of all the earth” (Joshua 23:14); (5) “Our friend Lazarus sleepeth” (John 11:11).

Sunday, Day 127—Church Day (no devotional)
Monday, Day 128—Sources of God’s Jealousy
Tuesday, Day 129—Jealous for the LORD God
Wednesday, Day 130—Church Night (no devotional)
Thursday, Day 131—Jealousy Is the Rage of a Man
Friday, Day 132—I Will Move Them to Jealousy
Saturday, Day 133—The Image of Jealousy

Day 127: Church Day

Deuteronomy 4:24 For the LORD thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God.