Meddling—found twelve times in twelve Old Testament verses

Variations: intermeddle, intermeddleth, meddle, meddled, meddleth, meddling

First usage: Deuteronomy 2:5 (Meddle)

Last usage: Proverbs 26:17 (meddleth)

Defined: to interfere with or involve oneself in the affairs or business of others

Interesting fact: The Bible specifically identifies two types of people with which a man should never meddle: (1) one who flatters with his lips (Proverbs 20:19), and (2) one who is given to change (Proverbs 24:21). In both instances, the more emphatic warning is directed toward those who meddle with such people. This is why the Bible refers to the individual who “will be meddling” as a fool (Proverbs 20:3).

Bible study tip: The Bible often uses the same word to indicate several distinct meanings. For example, the word world can refer to the entire universe (2 Samuel 22:16) or the people inhabiting the universe (John 3:16). The word house can refer to the individuals who comprise a family (Genesis 7:1), or it can indicate the place in which the family dwells (Genesis 19:3). The Bible student should always consider the context in order to determine the intended usage.

Sunday, Day 155—Church Day (no devotional)

Monday, Day 156—Meddling with God

Tuesday, Day 157—Meddling to Thy Hurt

Wednesday, Day 158Church Night (no devotional)

Thursday, Day 159—The Dangers of Meddling

Friday, Day 160—Every Fool Will Be Meddling

Saturday, Day 161—Intermeddling with All Wisdom


Day 155: Church Day

Proverbs 26:17 He that passeth by, and meddleth with strife belonging not to him, is like one that taketh a dog by the ears.