Acts 28:1 And when they were escaped, then they knew that the island was called Melita.
2 And the barbarous people shewed us no little kindness: for they kindled a fire, and received us every one, because of the present rain, and because of the cold.

Introductory Thoughts

Today’s passage picks up the narrative as the apostle Paul had just escaped a ship wreck near an island called Melita. The shipwreck and the weather made for some grim conditions. It was cold and rainy and the island contained what the Bible termed as a barbarous people. For most, this frightful scenario would seem hopeless. Yet, “something” or Someone had placed a desire within the hearts of this barbarous people to show kindness toward Paul and those with him. When these strangers showed up on the island, the natives kindled a fire and wholeheartedly welcomed them. The apostle Luke (the penman of Acts) emphasized that the people showed “no little kindness,” suggesting that the kindness manifested was considerable. Think about it! These people, ignorant of the Lord and His word, showed kindness to strangers; surely, God’s people could do as much.

Devotional Thoughts

· (For children): There are many children who don’t know God and don’t go to church. Yet, they are good to their family and friends. Even though they don’t know God, God put that “want to” within their hearts to treat others right. If children who don’t know God can do that, what do you think God expects of us?
· (For everyone): Who do you think put the desire to show kindness within the hearts of these barbarians? Even without God, these people could understand the concept of helping others in need. Why do you suppose Christians fail to consistently show kindness to others?
· Why should we show more kindness than a group of barbarians showed to some strangers? How does this reflect upon our level of commitment if we exhibit less kindness than those who do not know the Lord?

Prayer Thoughts

· Ask the Lord to show you the needs of others.
· Ask God to give you the desire that was in the barbarians to treat even strangers with kindness.
Song: Help Somebody Today