Deuteronomy 32:21 They have moved me to jealousy with that which is not God; they have provoked me to anger with their vanities: and I will move them to jealousy with those which are not a people; I will provoke them to anger with a foolish nation.

Introductory Thoughts

Every true and honest Bible student readily confesses that the Bible identifies the Jewish people as the people of God. Unfortunately, the Jews repeatedly provoked the Lord to jealousy. In judgment for their indiscretions, the Lord promised to move the Jewish people to jealousy as He showed His favour unto a people “which are not a people.” According to the apostle Paul, this was fulfilled when the Lord turned to the Gentiles offering them salvation through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 10:19; Romans 11:11). This jealousy was not to be permanent. One day the Lord will again turn back to the Jewish people after the Rapture of the church.

Devotional Thoughts

• (For children): God has always loved His chosen people and always will (1 Chronicles 17:21-22). The Jews did not recognize Jesus as their Messiah and continued following the Law. Before he got saved, Paul felt the same way (Acts 26:9-11).
• (For everyone): How did the Jewish people respond when the apostles began to preach Jesus Christ to the Gentiles? How could things have been different for the Jewish people?
• How should we respond to the Jewish people? Should we despise them for rejecting Jesus Christ? Or should we preach the gospel to them in hopes that they will repent and trust Christ?

Prayer Thoughts

• Ask the Lord to give you a heart for the Jewish people.
• Thank the Lord for giving you an opportunity to be saved.