Romans 5:1 Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:

Introductory Thoughts

The New Testament sheds light on two types of peace: peace with God and the peace of God. Peace with God is “through” the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 5:1; Colossians 1:20). According to today’s passage, this “peace with God” is experienced only upon one’s justification at the moment of salvation. Trusting Christ’s payment through His death, burial, and resurrection remains the only basis for attaining this peace. Before a man trusts in Christ, he is God’s enemy (Romans 5:10), but after salvation, he has been gloriously reconciled to God through the work of God’s Son. No man earns this peace and no man can lose this peace to again become God’s enemy because this peace is an everlasting peace.


Devotional Thoughts

· (For children): What do toothpaste, soap, and shampoo clean? Though these products help to clean the outside of your body, your heart without Christ remains wicked because of sin. The Bible says that the blood Jesus shed on the cross “cleanseth us from all sin.” We need to ask the Lord to clean us up by saving our souls.

· (For everyone): Do you remember a time in your life when you realized that you were a sinner and an enemy of God without Christ’s forgiveness so you called upon Him to save you? This is known as trusting Christ as your Saviour; have you done it?

· Do you have the peace that we speak of in this devotion? Have you been reconciled to God or do you remain His enemy?


Prayer Thoughts

· Ask God to show you the blessing of having “peace with God” through salvation.

· If you have never been saved, acknowledge to God that you are His enemy and desire to be reconciled.


Song: Why Do You Wait?