Job 8:15 He shall lean upon his house, but it shall not stand: he shall hold it fast, but it shall not endure.

Introductory Thoughts

Today’s study begins by considering how the Bible defines words and specifically how it defines this week’s subject: endurance. Scriptural interpretation and Bible definitions are often found by dividing passages into their component parts. Today’s verse contains four parts: (1) “The hypocrite shall lean upon his house,” (2) “but it shall not stand:” (3) “he shall hold it fast,” (4) “but it shall not endure.” The next step begins by associating the various phrases together to gain insight into how the Bible interprets itself and defines words. Combining the first section with the third section and the second section with the fourth section reveals the intent of the passage along with the definitions and context of the word endure. In this passage, the hypocrite leaning upon his house is analogous to him holding it fast. Secondly, the fact that it does not stand means that it does not endure. Psalm 102:26 offers further confirmation by revealing that endure is the opposite of perish. Based upon the scripture, one can deduce that the word endure means to remain firmly in the present condition. This technique allows the Bible student to study scripture independent of dictionaries and commentaries that frequently contain man’s philosophies and wisdom.

Devotional Thoughts

· (For children): A good soldier does not run during battle but remains in the fight. God wants every Christian to live as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. That means to stick with what you’re supposed to do, even when it seems far too difficult to handle.
· (For everyone): Do you know people in your life who have strength in the area of endurance? How do you feel about those people? Do you desire to emulate them in this area?
· Begin thinking about areas of life in which you ought to be able to endure. Do you think that endurance is a strong aspect of your life? If not, are you willing to allow the Lord to develop this trait in you?

Prayer Thoughts

· Ask God to use this study to further develop your endurance.
· Ask God to show you your tendencies, whether you are prone to endure or to quit, to fight for Him or to run when trouble arises.
SONG: Hold the Fort