James 3:16 For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

Introductory Thoughts

Where envy finds its breeding grounds, there grows confusion. Rather than churches, homes, and individuals choosing the blessings of peace, many have chosen the struggles resulting from envy and strife. In doing so, they reap the resultant confusion. Where strife oozes from the people, so will a mass state of confusion. This fact definitely accounts for the magnitude of Christians living outside the will of God with no opportunity to even discern what it is. The church should be a haven of truth, a place that clears up the confusion outside of its fellowship. The Christian home should be a place of clarity that serves to protect from the confusion perpetrated by the world, the flesh, and the Devil. Yet, far too many Christians have chosen rather to accept the curse of confusion.

 Devotional thoughts

 (For children): Saul’s envy of David (1 Samuel 18:5-9) brought confusion. He tried to kill David and even tried to smite his own son who knew David was not to blame (1 Samuel 19:4-5; 1 Samuel 20:32-34). Saul’s home could have been happy if not for envy.

 (For everyone): Why are churches splitting over foolish things? Why are families fighting, often over things that really do not even matter? Why are individuals more confused now than perhaps ever before?

 Do you enjoy envy and strife? Do you find confusion to be an enjoyable thing? If not, what can you do to know the clarity of mind that God desires for you?

Prayer Thoughts

 Ask God to protect your home or church from envy and strife.

 Ask God to give you clarity of mind.